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I had to laugh when my sister-in-law asked what my blog was about. It’s not a funny question and she was asking out of genuine interest. I laughed because I am not qualified to blog about anything. Not even not qualified, but not really able.

I don’t create my own healthy dishes by altering comfort foods. I do most of my grocery shopping at a store that doesn’t even accept coupons, other than their own, so I don’t bother clipping coupons. Unless a craft project comes with very specific directions, I won’t even attempt it. I do crochet and I do try some “home decor” crafts I find on Pinterest, but I won’t do it without photos of each step of the directions. If there’s anything more complicated than hot glue, forget it! I haven’t lost 75 pounds with a combination of crazy workouts and protein shakes that I will share with the world, complete with photos of my abdomen. I am not a totally put-together mom with tips on how to be as awesome as me, as though that were possible from sitting around reading a few paragraphs on the computer. I haven’t been through some traumatic personal trial from which others can be inspired by my courage.

This is simply a release valve for me. No wisdom or recipes. I suppose my main purpose here is to get stuff off my chest and maybe be able to laugh about it once I see it in writing. I’m also probably looking for some confirmation from others that I’m not the only one who thinks the way I do. Or at least that I’m not crazy for thinking that way.

So, this isn’t really “about” anything.