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I used to go to concerts all the time.  I’ve seen U2 (twice!), Coldplay, The Kooks, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, James Brown, Whitney Houston, and Milli Vanilli (really).  This week Jeff and I went to see Mumford and Sons.  It was one of the better concerts I’ve been to.  They were really great. 

It reminded me though of how infrequently we’ve been to concerts since we’ve had kids.  The week that we learned I was pregnant with James, we went to the Coldplay concert.  I’d had the tickets for months and they were one of my favorite bands (they still are).  We got there and, immediately, I asked to leave.  I could feel the vibrations of the music throughout my body and I was sure I was giving my tiny little baby brain damage.  Jeff talked me out of leaving, but we didn’t stay for the encore.  I was sure my baby would be born with “concert syndrome”, which is what I’d named the condition I was sure he would have.  It would probably include deafness and tremors.  He’s fine, of course. 

When I was eight months pregnant with Katie we went to see The Kooks.  I love them, they are in my top five for sure.  This time my biggest concern was wardrobe related.  What does an eight-months-pregnant 35-year-old mom wear to a concert?  Her cutest maternity jeans, obviously.  I did wear 4-inch heels though.  I ended up having to sit through half of the concert.  But those two concerts are pretty much it for live music since I became a mom.  Pretty sad.

I was afraid we’d be the oldest people at the concert this week.  We weren’t.  There was an elderly couple sitting a few rows behind us.  I wasn’t watching them, so I don’t know if they had to cover their ears during the louder parts or not.  It’s not like Mumford and Sons is hard rock or known for their loud concerts.  They do swear a little.  I’m sure the really old people were fine.

Once we got there I had a surprising thought.  I missed James.  I wished we’d brought him.  I wasn’t surprised that I missed him, I’m not that bad.  I always miss my kids after the first two hours of not being with them. I just realized that he knew all the songs too.  He sings along with their songs in the car, omitting the swear words though.  He would have really enjoyed the concert. 

This further confirms the fact that I am getting old.  I wanted my son with me at a concert.