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It’s Monday, 5 PM and I’ve lost control of the week already.  This is a fairly regular occurrence for me.  Unfortunately.

Here’s how it’s unfolded.  A couple of days ago, James and Ellie ran into each other and James somehow managed to get a black eye.  He’s never had one before, but he has one now.  He also got a little bit sunburned today.  He has soccer camp and I remembered the huge water, snacks, cleats, everything except the sunscreen.  Normally, I’m so good about that, but it just slipped my mind today.

Ellie has been napping lately.  That’s very unlike her.  Like her brother, she stopped napping at an early age.  The last few weeks, she’s still unhappy with napping, but more needing of them.  I’m guess it’s a growth spurt or something.  Anyway, she’s been pretty grouchy from 4 until about 7, when we finally force her to go to bed.  She screams that she’s not tired, then she pretty much passes out.  We have to placate her with My Little Pony from 4 until dinner, and then from after dinner until bedtime.

Katie is just like her big sister.  All daredevil, no fear.  She runs at full speed, spins as fast as she can and loves trying to jump off of things.  Luckily for us, she’s not really big enough for any of those things to cause damage.  Unluckily for us, she’s still uncoordinated enough that she falls whenever she tries anything remotely daring.  Today, she fell while at my parents’ house.  She got a fat lip, but Jeff says we have to call it a split lip because it bled. 

I was going to go to the gym today.  I haven’t been in weeks.  Between the chicken pox, stomach virus, and general kid sickness we haven’t been able to go.  I wanted to go today.  I cannot take these children out in public.  James and Katie look like they’ve been in fights.  Add James’ sunburn and now it looks like I beat them, then left James outside for three hours in the sun (I suppose that I actually did leave him outside in the sun for three hours, but not intentionally).  Ellie’s screaming would certainly get people’s attention, if the bruises, blood stained clothes, and bright pink face didn’t.

Of course, if I don’t go to the gym on Monday, it’s a pretty steep uphill battle to convince myself to go any other day this week.  I’ve already missed one day and so it’s a lost cause.  I mean, Tuesday I have to do laundry.  Wednesday my parents are bringing their dog over and we’ll have to help him get acclimated.  I can’t leave him here alone for the hour and a half I’m at the gym, in addition to the other times I have to be out, right?  The chances that someone will get sick or injured again are pretty good. I just don’t see it happening this week.