Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. seem to be designed for all of us to express how put-upon we are.  I am quite put-upon actually.  There are four people who regularly demand ridiculous things of me and I consistently comply.  I think I have made that clear.  But, it’s not fair of me to just dump the negative out there all the time.  It’s not all bad. 

James is 7.  He is the most sensitive kid I’ve ever met.  He is very concerned with how other people are.  He loves to help.  He worries about his sisters and wants to take care of them.  This sensitivity means that he cries more than the average 7-year-old boy, but later in life I think it will be a benefit more than a hindrance.  That’s the hope anyway.  He’s smart.  He’s a reader.  He’s quite good looking too. 

Ellie is 3 and a half.  What comes to mind when you hear a 3-year-old girl with red, curly hair?  That’s Ellie.  Wild, fun and fearless.  She’s not as naughty as I make her out to be.  Jeff says she gets an unfair bad rap, and he’s right.  She just does what she wants and has little regard for what other people want her to do.  That’s not naughty; it’s headstrong and independent.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  She’s brave.  She’s silly.  She will try anything.  She’s also pretty cute. 

Katie is only 16 months old.  Generally, she is a happy baby.  She smiles all the time.  She loves to explore.  There is not a safe cabinet, drawer or shut door.  She will find it and do whatever she can to open it.  I know that’s a common toddler behavior.  She just excels at it.  She’s a thinker.  She might be smarter than the other ones.  They are smart, but she thinks.  Also, she’s adorable.

They do make me crazy.  I read another blog post that read that if the kids each ask for two things an hour (more milk, a show, a snack, intervention with an argument, etc) that’s every ten minutes that I have to accommodate some request.  What can a person get done in 10 minutes?  There are very few things that I can do without interruption.  But that post also pointed out that it isn’t their fault.  Also true.  They can’t help that they are one of three and need something every half hour.

Anyway, the craziness is temporary.  I try to remember the wonderful things about them when they are testing my patience.  Sometimes it is much harder than others.  Much harder.  That’s generally when I share my misery with the world.  Sorry about that.