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I bought a book on Thursday.  A novel.  It has over two hundred pages.  I haven’t read an entire book in quite some time.  I am not sure when I will get to read this one.  It hasn’t even made it into to the house yet.  It’s still sitting in the car, waiting to be brought inside.

I like to read historical fiction or biographies.  This book is historical fiction.  It was written by Phillipa Gregory, one of my favorites.  She writes about the War of the Roses and the Tudor dynasty.  This one is her most recent book.  The last book I read was the one she wrote prior to this one.  That might give some perspective on how often I get to sit and read; as often as it takes an author to research and write her next book.

I used to read often.  Every weekend was devoted to reading.  I was still reading a lot after James was born and even some after Ellie too.  The addition of Katie has made it very difficult to read.  I can’t read when she’s awake.  Who knows what she’s doing while I’m immersed in the life of Elizabeth Woodville?  I can’t read when she’s asleep because I’m either doing all of those things I can’t do when she’s awake (like emptying or reloading the dishwasher) or I’m asleep too.  In the evenings I am so tired all I can do is focus my eyes on the tv.  I can’t really think about it.  I am usually too tired to hold a book. 

I am going to make a concerted effort to stay awake enough to hold a book upright for the next few nights.  I really want to read this book. I have a vision of me and Jeff sitting in bed, each reading our books before bed.  Just like in old tv shows.  Also, we have our own beds because he is a sheet hog.  When we agree we are both tired, we each turn off the small lamps by our beds and fall asleep.  Ha! 

It’s more like this.  Jeff falls asleep on the couch at 9:15.  I am awake watching tv until 10.  I wake him up and we check on the kids.  We go to our room and he just climbs into bed.  I go into the bathroom, remove my makeup, put on my night cream (NIGHT CREAM!), brush my teeth, and change into my pajamas.  I go back into the bedroom and turn off the lights.  While I’ve been in the bathroom, Jeff has been choosing an appropriately boring, but not too boring, documentary for us to fall asleep to.  Lately it’s been one called “The West” about the expansion of settlers into the western US.  It works because I’ve seen all of ten minutes of it.  We fall asleep while it’s on.  At some point in the night I wake up (usually to the sound of a kid coughing) and turn the tv off.  Not quite as idyllic.

This week, starting tomorrow maybe, I will read instead of watching tv.  I will convince Jeff to fall asleep after reading enlightening, educational, or thought-provoking material.  We will fall asleep without the tv on.  We will!  Mostly because Game of Thrones is over.