As I’ve mentioned, I’m not good with tips for saving money.  I use cash instead of my debit card to better keep track of how much I spend, but not all the time and not everywhere.  I still use my Target debit card for the 5% discount and my AmEx at Costco for the 3% cash back.  I do try to limit my spending, mostly.  But I also try to earn some.  I hate that part.

I teach two classes at the local community college, as previously noted.  When I started staying home with James, Jeff said he’d be happy with me earning $10K a year.  That seemed impossible, but that’s how much I get paid if I teach two classes a semester.  Sometimes, I teach three and that’s really fantastic.  I guess neither of us realized how little 10K is.  It’s not nothing, certainly.  But, it’s not enough for how much we think we need.

So, I thought I’d get serious about Arbonne.  It’s very expensive, very good skin care and makeup.  I can’t.  I am not a salesperson.  Especially of stuff you can get at the drug store for half or a third of the price.  I know Arbonne is probably better than Oil of Olay, but not three times better.  Anyway, I can’t sell it.  Even if I wanted to, I’d have to really invest some of my money into it, and that’s not happening.

I have sold baby blankets, scarves, shawls, and other various useless items at craft fairs.  No, wait.  I have offered those items for sale at craft fairs. I have done three craft fairs and sold a grand total of two items.  I have lost money doing craft fairs.  I have sold crocheted items to friends and I had one sale on Etsy, but certainly not enough to maintain any kind of regular activity.  I haven’t crocheted in months.  (I should though because Jeff’s cousin had a baby months ago and I still haven’t finished his blanket!)

I dream of winning the lottery.  I rarely buy tickets.  I think if we just somehow got a million dollars, that would be nice.  I’m sure no one else ever thinks that. 

It’s not like we are starving, can’t pay our bills or can’t clothe our kids.  We are just greedy bastards who want more.  You know, a bigger house, nicer furniture, better clothes, and Arbonne beauty products. We’re trying to learn that less is more, being together and having fun doesn’t cost money, and I’m very distinguished with my wrinkles.