Whenever our work-outside-the-home mom friends or husbands complain about their jobs, stay-at-home moms have the perfect comeback, “Yeah?  And how many times did you go to the bathroom ALONE today?”  I have gotten into the habit of locking the door when I go to the bathroom.  That just assures that one or two children will think I will go faster or change my mind about barring their entrance if they bang on the door as hard as they can.  They also yell at me from the kitchen demanding that I hurry because they NEED milk NOW.

Going to any store is a nightmare.  Katie has discovered that if I don’t make the buckle in the cart super tight, she can stand up.  Of course, if I make it tight, preventing escape, she screams about the injustice of it.  On the rare occasion that I am able to grocery shopping alone, I feel like I am vacation.  That’s so pathetic!  Being alone is like a vacation?

I told Jeff that for my next birthday, I’d like a 24-hour period when no one is allowed to touch me.  It’s not that I dislike physical contact.  I love getting and giving hugs and kisses.  I love cuddling with my kids and my husband.  It’s just that, generally, that’s not the contact I get.  I am usually being grabbed at, hung on, poked, bit (Katie’s a biter!) or tugged at.

Right now though, just a potty break without interruption would be heaven, a solo trip to the store a vacation, and nap time paradise!