We’re finally moved into our new house.  Hopefully, it’s our new house.  Right now we’re just renting it.  We’re aren’t renting to own; we’re renting a vacant house that is owned by people who don’t want it anymore and stopped paying for it.  It’s a short sale, which means we are dealing with the bank, not the owners.  Banks do things in their own time, which is dumb.  We are hoping to own it by the new year.  Which basically means that I can’t paint, hang pictures, or do anything to make it “homey” until after Christmas.  

There was an issue when we moved out of our old house that we couldn’t take the “window coverings”.  We did.  They made us give them back.  I specifically told our agent I wanted to keep them, but he forgot.  He gave me $500 to make up for it.  It kind of did.  He first offered the $500 to the people who were buying our old house.  They wanted the curtains more than the money.  What kind of black-hearted assholes would rather take MY curtains than $500?  Add this to the fact that they made us replace a perfectly functional garbage disposal and I really dislike these people.  I know where they live and when I’m thinking about my curtains, I sign them up to get junk mail.

The only smooth thing about this move, was actually moving our crap from one house to the other.  Having been badly mistreated by movers before, I decided to go with an actual (expensive) moving company.  They were nice, quick, clean and came in under budget.  It was fantastic.  I was very happy about that part.  

I changed my address with my bank, on my driver’s license, and with the kids’ doctor.  I forgot to change it with Ellie’s gymnastics, my church and our Internet provider.  That meant two rejected automatic payments and 10 days without reliable Internet.  Thankfully, one of our neighbors doesn’t require a password for their network.  

The bottom line is that this is a great house.  It’s bigger than the old one and has a pool.  The bathroom situation is the same except now there is a half bath for guests, so they don’t have to see the babies’ bath toys.  Everyone has bigger rooms and there is a playroom and an office space.  I’m very happy with the house and the neighborhood.  I can’t wait until we can really make it ours.