If you’ve been following the saga of my move then you know anymore would probably send me over the edge.  I’m definitely there.  The bank that owns the house in which we currently live and are attempting to buy came back with a counter offer that was $35,000 higher than the asking price determined by the listing agent.  Really.  So now we wait for them to come to their senses.  Either they accept our offer or we walk.  And move again.  At least we didn’t put James in this school.

The house that was our Plan B was taken off the market from lack of interest.  Hopefully, we can convince them to reconsider if we need it.  I’ve been looking at other houses, just in case.  I’m not enjoying it.  I’m trying, but I can’t get into it.  The kids found their favorite house. Instead of a pool, it had an in ground trampoline.  They were in heaven.  They loved it.  I guess if you can’t have a pool, a trampoline is good enough.  

Our agent thinks we’ll hear back tomorrow or early next week.  I’m not as confident.  They seem to be sadists.  I think they enjoy torturing us and keeping us on the hook.  I dislike these people intensely.  If we do end up living here, it will not be because of their kindness and goodness.  It will most likely be because they gave up and found a new plaything.  

I’m sure that wherever we end up living will be great and we’ll make it homey.  I am really, really looking forward to that happening.  Soon.