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Lately, I have been feeling super guilty about Katie’s lack of friends her own age.  There is a little girl whose older sister is in Ellie’s class who seems to want to be friends with Katie.  But every time she approaches, Katie begins screaming.  This poor little girl has only ever hugged her, but apparently Katie took that as a physical attack.  There is also a little boy whose older sister is in Ellie’s gymnastics class.  Katie takes his toys and then cries when he wants them back.  He started bringing toys just for her to play with (we bring our own, but those are no fun), but she won’t play with those.  So, no friends.

I thought I’d join a moms’ group so she could meet other toddlers.  Even though I have made my best friends since college via a moms’ group, I was really dreading doing it again.  I also met people that I really wish I had not known existed.  Whatever.  It’s for the children.  So, I sucked it up and joined a group for mothers of children born in 2012 or later.  I realized that I might be the oldest in this group and I wasn’t excited about that either.  Again, I just had to accept it because this is about Katie.

The first meet-up we RSVPed to was on Monday morning.  It was at an indoor play area.  We dropped Ellie off and headed over.  We got there 45 minutes early.  I thought it was farther away and would take us longer to get there.  It’s not in a great neighborhood and there isn’t much around there.  So we decided to just go home.  We got all cute for nothing.

We decided we’d go to the next one.  It was this morning at 9:30 at a park 30 minutes from Ellie’s school.  So the timing would not be an issue.  After Ellie was dropped off, we headed off to meet new friends.  I asked Katie if she was excited to make new friends.  This was our exchange:


“Do you want to go to the park?”  

“NO!  NO PARK!  SHOW!”  

“You want to go home and watch a show instead of going to the park and meeting friends?”

“Mickey!  Blankie!  Milk!  No FRIENDS!”

Okay.  So, we came home.  She is currently watching her show (Mickey Mouse) with her blankie and her stuffies (two puppies, Minnie Mouse, and baby Pinkie Pie).  She seems much happier than she did in the car discussing joining a new play group.  Of course, if I were more into it, I would have forced her to go.  As I’m not to hot on the idea either, I agreed that home was the better of the two options.  I guess we are going to wait a while to join a new play group.