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I have not had a hair cut in a year.  I’m not talking, “Oh, I haven’t been to the salon in ages!”  I mean no person other than myself and my immediate family has touched my hair in a year.  A YEAR.  The last hair cut I got was in March of 2013.  No trims.  No drastic chops.  Nothing.  A year. 

I have a few thoughts on this.  First, I got my hair cut every six to eight weeks when I was a working mom.  I had extra money and I had a lunch break.  I also had a babysitter, so child care was not a factor.  I could leave work 30 minutes early and pick James up a little late.  I could go on my lunch hour.  I went to the same person every time.  She had my color ready for me.  It was a real salon.  They served me sparkling water while I waited.  What lunch break do I have now?  What 30 minutes after work do I have?  Am I really going to waste child-free time on a hair cut?  No.  I’m going to nap, clean the house (or at least pick up all the crap laying around), watch one of the backlog of shows I have missed, or just sit without anyone touching me or yelling at me.  Leaving the house when there aren’t kids in it seems wasteful.  Weekends are an option.  I just need to pick one without a birthday party, play date, special event, or whatever that seems to impede my weekend plans.  We haven’t had one of those in a while.  And again, it seems wasteful to spend a free weekend getting my hair cut.  I know it only takes an hour.  But that’s one hour once I’m actually there.  Wherever I go seems to take 30-45 just to get to.  Then there’s the prep time.  I have to get the kids and husband ready to be without me for 2 hours.  That means getting food ready, children dressed appropriately for whatever activity they may have when being with their dad (if I don’t do this I find them wearing bathing suits and playing baseball in the street when it’s 50 degrees), and answering about 100 million questions about where I’m going, what I’m going to do and why I have to go alone.  The prep time is getting shorter now that kids are getting older and husband is getting a bit more used to be alone with them, but it still has to happen.

The other thought is that I have a hard time seeing the point of it.  I will be 37 this month.  No offense to my older friends, but it feels old.  I have previously discussed my lack of interest in coloring my gray hair.  If I go to get it cut, I know the stylist will offer to color it and even suggest some ideas.  I don’t want to have to say, “No thanks, I’m growing old gracefully.”  I’m not sure that I am.  I just don’t want to maintain a hair color (which would be obviously impossible).  That seems like it would be a painful conversation for me.  Too much explaining.  Also, my hair is long and straight and is not any particular “style”.  I don’t have cute bangs or an asymmetrical long bob or whatever.  I flat iron it everyday (mostly) and that’s it.  Not even layers.  There’s nothing there to keep up.  

I could stand to have about 2 inches cut off the ends.  Is that worth the hour of prep time, hour of driving and hour of sitting there while some stranger massages my scalp and mentions for the third time how great I’d look with her trademark combo of low-and high-lights?  It doesn’t sound like it.  I might run into a place in a strip center that charges $15 and just get that trim.  I think that’s called the stay-at-home-mom-over-35 special.