This week ended before I hardly knew it began.  I don’t remember Monday almost at all, except that I think I had lunch with my dad at McDonald’s (no judging) with the girls.  I’m sure we did other stuff, but I have almost no recollection of it at all.  Same for Tuesday.  I’m pretty sure James had baseball practice that night.  Oh yeah, he had a game on Monday.  I don’t remember going to it, but I know I did.  I know he had a game on Wednesday.  I remember going to that one, with my dad, while my mom babysat the girls.  It was very windy.  I don’t remember what I did during the day either day. I know we didn’t have anything in the evening on Thursday, because that was the one day we didn’t have plans.  On Friday we went to Ellie’s school program.  It was very cute and fun, but we were the first people to leave because Katie has recently remembered that she’s two and must act accordingly.  Friday morning I remember that I had a meeting at church, and I had to bring Katie and that’s when she remembered about being a two-year-old.  She had a Mr. Potato Head to play with, but still needed me to put in every-single-piece.  Saturday, I had a meeting from 1-3 but it took 30 minutes to get there, 30 to get back plus I had to stop at the grocery store.  So, a two-hour-long meeting turned into a four hour long absence.  That’s really just too long for Jeff.  He’s a good dad, but four hours alone with three kids is enough to almost send him over the edge.  

Here’s what I didn’t do: laundry (I did three loads, but I needed to do five or seven), clean toilets (I did a minor cleaning of James’ toilet because I was going to vomit if I didn’t), mop floors (unless using a Clorox wipe on squished grapes counts), vacuum (didn’t get to it, again), or dust (why?  there’s just going to be another dust storm)