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Okay, so I “announced” a while back that I was starting to write a book.  I am still doing it, but it’s really hard (that’s what she said, couldn’t resist).  I’m not even to the actual writing part.  I’m still in the outlining the story part.  How difficult can that be, since I’m writing about an actual person, who actually lived, whose life story is actually known?  It’s pretty difficult.  Actually.

I have purchased a wide variety of books on the time period, relatives of my main character, the region where she lived, and even books on how to write books (they weren’t overly helpful and make me feel silly for thinking they would be).  My little book cart is pretty full.  But, if you need to know anything about mid-1100 France, I’m your go-to for answers.

I got very excited, though, about my book (in it’s finished form, which it isn’t) after a trip to the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale to see a favorite author, Sharon Kay Penman.  I want to go on a book tour.  I want to answer questions from fans about my process and research. I want to sign books with a Sharpie.  It seems very glamorous.  No need to point out that planning a book tour may be a bit premature.  I know.

I got even more excited when I went to the Tucson Festival of Books.  That was fun.  I only went to one panel discussion, even though about a dozen of them sounded fantastic, because I wanted to see all the vendors and people.  It was pretty exciting.  I got connected with a couple of helpful websites, meetings, and publishers.  Next time I will spend more time at the panel discussions and less time gawking, I think.

But then I came home.  Whatever good vibrations I got from Sharon Kay Penman and Tucson were significantly mellowed by staring a blank pages.  Yikes.  I am writing my outline in long hand, not on a computer.  I prefer seeing my messy writing to typewritten neatness.  So, I’m not looking at blank pages as much a lined paper with no writing on it.  Less daunting?  Not really.

At any rate, I try to work on it for half an hour everyday, minimum.  At this rate, I should be done in five years.  With the outline.