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I am not a Scrooge. I enjoy holidays as much as anyone. However, I do not like to decorate. I always think how much I will enjoy the look of my house covered in wreaths and candles in December, pastel-colored eggs in Spring, and all kinds of red, white and blue things in July. But, then I think about the expense of buying all those things or, worse, the hassle and mess of making decorations. I think about the work of putting all that junk up, just to take it down in a month. Jeff has never minded our Jehoviah’s Witness-like approach to holidays. He wasn’t particularly inclined to scale the ladder to put an animatronic Santa on the roof.

Then the kids became aware of how little we were doing during the holidays to heighten their experience. James whined a bit about not having lights, so now we do Christmas lights. Ellie complained that our trees have been small, so last year we got a 10-foot tall tree (seriously). This year, it is Halloween’s turn to get the treatment. Katie wants a “pooky house” so we got some spiderwebs and a furry three-foot across spider with orange lights.

Jeff, I should add, has abandoned our plan of not decorating and fully supported this endeavor. I suppose, one could argue that I did too. I did purchase the spider and webs. But, it was under protest. Jeff had switched sides and I was all alone in the “no decorations” camp. Since I’m the one with the Target card, I had to buy the stuff. He did put it up though, I only had to get the hot glue gun and inspect the final installation. In all honesty, it looks good.

I guess that means I will have to buy all kinds of gourds and pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorating. I will have to make some sort of autumnal wreath to accurately convey my love of turkey and pie. Pinterest, here I come!